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The Royal Family bears the name of the House itself: Jurai. The family is closed to outsiders, and picks and chooses its kin carefully. Only those who have Jurai blood in their veins may run the House for extended periods of time, although well regarded Samurai, and allies of the Jurai family, Tokomi, Kagato-Armitage and Heng have also been trusted with this task. Jurai maintains political dominance within the House, and is the keystone that unites all of the Samurai families.

Founder of the bloodline, Tentei-taiso Lynxcat Jurai, his sister Tai-shu Misato Jurai both have worked long and hard to maintain both their line and the House itself. Long lost brother of Lynx & Misato is KingToady Jurai, followed by cousins Evangelion, Trickster and Surgeon Jurai. Recently a lost arm of the bloodline was discoved in the form of brothers Haydon and Maxtac Jurai, who moved from their perspective Families to run the day to day business of the House. Jurai’s numbers remain small, both for political safety and because of the trust required to make someone a member of the Jurai family. To be allowed within the Jurai family, to become a Royal Samurai, is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon anyone. Many work their entire lives for the goal, without ever achieving it.

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