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Welcome to Nodachi.net, the home of House Jurai, one of the oldest continually running online gaming communities in the world.  The towering walls of the Juraian stronghold stand before you, an ancient and immutable testimony to the deep and multifaceted history within.

House Jurai has a presence in many online games, although our roots as a Mechwarrior unit are legendary, spanning from our beginnings in Netmech through Mechwarrior 4 and now in Mechwarrior Online.
Recently, House Jurai have been very active in the battle.net game World of Warships, with 2 teams engaging regularly in Team Battles.

If you are looking for a gaming group with a proven track record and strong traditions to become a part of, you have reached your destination.  Our members span the globe, and people from all walks of life are welcome so long as they treat their fellow Juraians with respect and conduct themselves with honor on the battlefield.

We forge onward, seeking challenges worthy of our mettle, and we invite you to join us.

Welcome to The House Jurai.


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